About Us

The Ward 5 Education Equity Committee (W5EEC) was established in 2019 by Representative Zachary Parker (Ward 5 member on the DC State Board of Education) to give Ward 5 neighbors voice on DC education policy matters with a particular emphasis on equity.

Our mission: The Ward 5 Education Equity Committee (W5EEC) will organize, collaborate, and advocate to ensure access to high-quality, community-based public education for all Ward 5 early childhood, pre-K – 12th grade, and adult learners, through a foundation of fully funded, adequately supported, and equitably accessible quality neighborhood, selective, and public charter schools. We seek equitable education opportunities, experiences, and outcomes for all students, meaning that all students receive the instruction and support that they need to thrive and achieve to their fullest potential.

The Ward5EEC is a 501(c)(3)

W5EEC Officers

  • Chair - Loretta Thompson
  • Vice-Chair - Qubilah Huddleston
  • Treasurer - Emily Stiever
  • Recording Secretary - Maya Brennan
  • Communications Officer - Ammena Nazeen
  • Parliamentarian - Sherice Muhammad
  • Student Representative
  • Bylaws

  • Bylaws.pdf